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DE PAOLI & ASSOCIATES is a family consulting business based in Calgary, Alberta. We love the challenge of helping businesses to solve complex problems and overcome hurdles, whether they are technical or commercial in nature.


Our Team

Professional Negotiator

Anna grew up with business and has been involved in a wide range of sectors. From family run businesses such as food and beverage, agriculture and commercial property to large multinational oil and gas companies. Anna also has extensive international experience having worked in the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK before settling in Canada.

In the past 5 years she has consulted for a range of industries including large agricultural operations, energy producers, manufacturers, municipalities & cooperatives. Her specialties are negotiation, contract development, business planning & supply chain management. She is proactive by nature and is known to rock the boat to drive new initiatives and ways of doing business.

She enjoys giving back with her board positions in the not for profit sector and by mentoring a range of commercial professionals. Anna has a BSc. in Natural Sciences from Durham University in the UK.

Marketing Maven

Victoria is a strategic marketer, committed to understanding customer needs to develop products, services and brands to achieve aggressive sales targets, profitably. She is a scientist by training, and has worked for major national and international companies with strong commercial achievements; specifically for oil and gas service companies, telecommunications and healthcare. Victoria has a BSc. Hons., in Biological Sciences from the University of Edinburgh, UK.

Specialties: business growth, using leading-edge strategies including corporate shared value and crowdfunding to drive sustainable business growth.

Branding: understanding the core of the product or service and ensuring it resonates with the target customers.

Technology: especially blending the best of consumer marketing and use it in the business to business world. Intuitive, pragmatic solutions.

Certified Management Consultant

Sheila has had a wide range of experience starting with an exciting career in banking in London, U.K. then in communications at the British Embassy and legal support at the International Finance Corporation in Washington D.C. Following this, she worked extensively in senior leadership positions with charitable foundations such as Canadian Pacific and Claridge Inc. For the past 14 years Sheila has been consulting and collaborating on a range of projects in the for- and not-for-profit sectors.

She specializes in board governance, corporate social responsibility, grants management & community engagement. She is an educator with the University of Calgary’s continuing education faculty and a mentor for MBA students. In addition, Sheila teaches for the Canadian Association of Management Consultants and has volunteered on more than 10 boards. Sheila was awarded the CMC Alberta President’s Award for community service in 2015.

Sheila brings a wealth of tools and facilitation techniques to the team at De Paoli and Associates, these help us to help you deliver effective results.

Senior Process Engineer

Sergio has over 30 years of experience in process engineering with specialization in the international sulphur handling business. His principal sulphur handling expertise include sulphur forming, degassing and re-melting. Over his career he has made discoveries leading to the successful registration of 4 patents in process modelling and development. As a result of his experience, Sergio is an invaluable resource in conducting engineering research and process optimization from bench scale to field operations. He is also a mentor for young engineers and scientists.

Serg holds a PhD in Photochemistry from the University of Alberta and is a long standing member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

Technical Problem Solver

Shaun qualified as a Marine Engineer and has over 30 years experience in the field. He served as a Merchant Navy Officer for over ten years. After leaving the Merchant Navy he established Cooling Heating and Power to service commercial and industrial Combined Heat and Power and Absorption Chiller markets. He has since established numerous businesses including Solar Green Power, specializing in renewable heat and electricity generation. He has vast expertise in commercial heating and cooling design and maintenance.  Shaun consults on a wide range of projects from renewable energy to power generation to boiler design. A problem solver by nature he enjoys getting to the bottom of technical challenges and generating creative ways of solving them.