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"The AGGA board along with Red Hat co-op and many contributors hired Anna De Paoli to take the lead of the lobbying efforts. The NDP government has listened and granted Alberta Greenhouse Owners a rebate of up to 80% on the Carbon Levy... We could not have won this fight without Anna."
Debbie Foisy
President - Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association
  • "I admire Anna's ability to look at a situation from many different angles to come up with the best solution. Whether it is related to power or processes or administration or anything else, she seems to always have ideas to make things better. In addition to her ingenuity she is also a great communicator and leader and this makes turning her ideas into reality seem very easy! Myself personally and Stratus as a company look forward to many more years of working together with Anna, it has been a true pleasure to get to know her!"
    Dave Smith
    President - Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation
  • "Victoria Bennett demonstrated a great depth of knowledge and experience in strategic business growth and marketing in the consumer and business to business space. She is an intuitive and result oriented professional that gets the job done. As well, her friendly and outgoing personality made a positive impact on the team. It was a complete pleasure to work with Victoria and I highly recommend her for Sales, Marketing or Business Development expertise."
    Verne Sparkes
    Owner - Ditch Hitch: The Safest Engineered Vehicle Recovery System
  • "Anna is a fun energetic and enthusiastic member of any team.  She is currently providing valuable consulting services to One Exchange Corp. She examines businesses situations objectively and thoroughly, and then suggests thoughtful solutions for change. Her results-oriented approach ensures that ideas are followed with action, so that momentum and results are achieved, not just talked about. She has assisted with reviewing our business model and corporate growth strategy, recruiting new talent to our team, as well as assessing our internal systems and technological processes. She is a great person to have in the room whether it is in a brainstorming meeting or in a negotiation session. She offers creative ideas and suggests innovative solutions while staying focused on the established goals. "
    Perry Undseth
    President - One Exchange Corp.
  • What our clients are saying about us

    As you can see from our service offerings, we work on a wide range of projects.  Here are a few examples of challenges we have helped our clients overcome.  For more examples and references please contact us.

    Case Study 1 – Commercial Consulting

    When We Started:

    • Key members of the management team burnt out
    • No succession plan in place
    • Large infrastructure expansion needed to be supported by sales growth
    • Single supplier for key raw material

    What We Did:

    1. Evaluated all staff for career goals & current performance
    2. Role restructuring for some, recruitment program for others
    3. Implemented new sales channels
    4. Implemented procurement tendering strategy
    5. Implemented Preventative Maintenance program
    6. Encouraged team work through weekly & monthly meetings
    7. Developed business plan with clear future growth targets


    • Sales growth of 40%
    • Procurement strategy led to $400k of annual savings
    • New management structure and new hires brought new energy to the team
    • Clear business plan with team buy in

    Case Study 2: Commercial Consulting

     When We Started:

    • Start up business, oil and gas industry
    • No marketing plan for sales to large oil majors
    • Quality assurance procedures not yet in place
    • Inexperienced team
    • Logistics plan not established
    • No strategy for regulatory reporting

    What We did:

    1. Implemented logistics solutions, negotiated contract with logistics services providers
    2. Assisted in developing clear quality assurance process and procedures
    3. Negotiated customer contracts with split portfolio to ensure offtake
    4. Implemented government reporting matrix to ensure timely and accurate filing


    • Sales contracts implemented in the order of $20m per annum
    • Quality assurance process in place
    • Long term logistics service provider partnership agreement in place

    Case Study 3: Managing Energy Costs

     When We Started:

    • Large diverse farming operation with processing facilities
    • Looking at ways of generating own power
    • Looking to reduce energy costs

    What We did:

    1. Prepared business case for natural gas generation
    2. Identified approx. $50,000 of energy contract savings 
    3. Simplified & consolidated power contracts
    4. Identified energy efficiency grants for upgrades

    Case Study 4: Technical Consulting

    When We Started:

    • Petrochemical industry, $5m process unit idled because emissions targets could not be met
    • Needed to add emission abatement technology

    What We did:

    1. Bench tested new technology
    2. Process modelling of bench test data
    3. Field level trials
    4. Process changes to improve performance


    • Process unit is back in full production
    • Technology is further enhanced for future new builds
    • PFDs prepared for future projects

    “The AGGA board along with Red Hat CO-OP and many contributors hired Anna De Paoli to take lead of the lobbying efforts. The NDP government has listened and granted Alberta Greenhouse Owners a rebate of up to 80% on the Carbon Levy… We could not have won this fight without Anna.”

    Debbie Foisy
    President of the Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association

    “I have worked with Sergio since 2010 and have been constantly impressed with his ability to apply engineering principles to the real world. Sergio has been instrumental in developing process simulations of our various technologies and we rely on these heavily. The process simulations developed through his work in the office has been backed up by actual testing in the field, which allows us to place a high level of trust in the work he does. I have always enjoyed working and travelling with Sergio, and I highly recommend his work.”

    Casey Metheral
    Technical Manager – Sandvik Process Systems

    Anna has an extraordinary talent for recognising client needs and identifying solutions to meet/exceed client expectations. A strategic thinker with a balanced focus in the details with any client projects. I look forward to working with Anna in the coming years!

    Jay Uthman Manoharan
    Managing Partner – N. America, Energy Associates International

    “Her professionalism, attention to customer needs and her great team working skills mean that Victoria‘s hard work results in creative solutions which deliver results that customers appreciate.”

    Joanne Bjarnason
    VP – Global Marketing

    Catherine copy edited an ebook for us under a very tight timeline. She not only improved the spelling and grammar but also made suggestions, which added to the readability of the document. We are very happy with the service that she provided and are working with her again for future projects. I highly recommend Catherine for her copy editing.”

    Donita Fowler
    The Vested Interest Group

    ApegaDe Paoli & Associates holds a Permit to Practise with Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

    For additional references please see our team member’s profiles on LinkedIn.

    •   Anna De Paoli
    •   Victoria Bennett
    •    Catherine Bell
    •    Gino De Paoli
    •    Sheila Carruthers
    •    Deanna De Paoli