De Paoli & Associates holds a permit to practise with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta. Our technical consulting services include:

Process optimization and problem solving

With years of experience in process engineering and technical problem solving we are able to look beyond the obvious. We have been known to run bench scale experiments to get to the bottom of problems and have generated novel ideas as a result. Sergio has 4 patents in his name as a result of some of these process innovations.

Process modelling and development

Process modelling is the generation of a mathematical model that faithfully describes the chemistry and physics of a process. An accurate model requires knowledge of all the parameters involved and their interrelationships combined with a deep understanding of applicable chemistry and physics. The result of the model is the development of a process flow diagram (PFD) which includes the mass and heat flow of all process streams, sizes of major equipment (such as pumps, heat exchangers, reaction vessels) plus key process control elements.

Mechanical drafting and design

We offer 3D CAD Mechanical and Industrial drafting services for the process that we help to design.